Why Recruit Indians ?
India has the third largest pool of skilled manpower. Employers in the Middle East are aware of this fact, but the delay and difficulties to get the 'right person' always disappoints them. The seventies saw the construction boom in the Middle East, and it was required to recruit a very large number of workers from India. During this period, a number of travel agents and traders jumped on the recruitment wagon. Their total lack of knowledge of human resources management and their total lack of experience in recruiting was not an obstacle at all. The reason being the Middle East employers required only semi-skilled categories like Masons, Carpenters, RCC Fitters etc. To recruit such categories of workers, NO professional approach was required. All it took was contacts in Middle East These recruiting agents were devoid of any skilful learning themselves and were eminently qualified to cater to such demands.
India is considered the global favorite for manpower outsourcing for the following reasons :
Abundance of skilled manpower in India
Adaptability and Flexibility
Cost Savings
Sincerity and Dependability
A critical factor for success will be creating and managing a seamless stream of talent into the company, creating a more diverse, global, and virtual workforce. Recruiting and retaining employees who can drive financial value is an imperative for success. No recruiting firm understands this better than VJ Travels and Developers Pvt. Ltd. We understand how important transcendent talent is to your success. And with offices in all major cities of India, we know where to find it. VJ Travels and Developers Pvt. Ltd., human resources recruiters have deep industry knowledge, both in human resources and recruiting, making our firm a perfect complement to your company. That geographic reach and industry depth provide our clients with the experience and breadth necessary to excel in a highly complex global environment.